Shopworks creates branding and new store concept for Kuwait's first cash and carry format


Shopworks, has created the brand identity and store concept for a newly opened cash and carry format – ONCOST Cash &Carry - the first of its kind in Kuwait.

ONCOST Cash &Carry began business five years ago within a large trade market, supplying local traders, hotels, restaurants, groceries and large families.  The business began to take off and the management realised that businesses and the public could be open to a dedicated cash and carry format, where all essential and fresh goods were available under one roof, a proposition not tried before in the country.  

ONCOST approached Shopworks in the Summer of 2014 to design a brand and a cash and carry concept store with the intention to roll out the format to other locations within Kuwait and to the region.  The concept design is primarily with a business-to-business market in mind but would also need to appeal to large families who like to buy in bulk.  

Appealing brand and store format

Shopworks began by developing a retail strategy using distinct red and blue colors. The brand and store design needed to capture the business as a 'go to' and trusted place for quality fresh produce. The new brand identity maintained a B2B atmosphere but with added warmth to attract families so they feel comfortable shopping .  

Says João Barbosa, Director and Founding Partner at Shopworks "We wanted to successfully capture these two distinct customer segments, and so we mixed it up a little by combining the red and blue brand colours with shipping crates and palettes to reflect the trade feel, whilst the use of warm touches throughout the store works to appeal to families, welcoming them in to explore".  

Shopworks applied the blue colour to the physical structure and fabric of the store referencing that the building and the business are about stability.  Red colour was used to provide energetic elements and features on ducting, pipework, corners of lighting, handrails and moving parts. Both colours were also highlighted and applied to graphic communication, ticketing, promotional headings and POS.

Customer journey and shopper missions

Located in a shopping mall and ideally sited near big businesses, hotels and a residential area, the ONCOST store is set over two floors. Shopworks designed the store concept to best reflect the customer journey and their identified shopping missions. The ground floor sells spices, fresh fruit and produce. Accessed via travellators, lower floor displays the counter-served fresh fish and poultry along with frozen and high stacked bulk non-food goods.  Shopworks identified the key-shopping missions to be:

  • Daily routine shopping: picking up the essentials. Due to the hot local climate, produce tends to perish quickly, so the location of fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices and grains are conveniently located on the ground floor. 
  • Full fresh food shopping: once customers have shopped fresh, grains, vegetables and spices they are naturally led downstairs via travellators, in a journey designed to navigate and draw you towards the desired purchase.
  • Extended shopping: includes the daily fresh, plus grocery items.  
  • The final shopping mission considers spaces for concessions for immediate consumption, such as nuts and snacks and is located close to the store entrance.

Encouraging shopper feedback with additional sites planned

“We feel Shopworks has understood and answered our local needs” says Mr. Saleh Al Tunaib,CEO at ONCOST. “They brought a large array of international experience and succeeded to design a simple, trustworthy and effective concept. Shoppers feedback have been mostly encouraging and constituted a solid platform to embark on an local and regional expansion plan”

Work has already begun on an additional site and the intention is to open additional stores around Kuwait over next 12 months.There are also plans to extend to the rest of the region and the UAE. 

Shopworks scope of work for On Cost Kuwait includes; a retail strategy, brand identity development, category management, benchmarking, full store concept design, graphic communications design, concept implementation and site application.