Beyond retail: the future of shopping centre design

Metropolis shoping centre optimisation

Kids' entertainment and technology are two of the key areas being developed by Shopworks for Metropolis shopping centre in Moscow. The purpose?  Not only does Metropolis view its role in today's shopping climate as moving beyond the traditional retail proposition, but by optimising communal space through intelligent design and innovation, the shopping centre intends to make the most of its opportunity to increase income by several million dollars.

The potential opportunity, forecast by Shopworks following a detailed analysis of the design, layout and use of communal space, is based upon educated predictions around:

  • increased footfall: through better shopper engagement and advocacy
  • extended dwell time: as a result of improved opportunities for customer interaction; better seating; the availability of retail kiosks, retail merchandising units, vending machines and ATMs; interactive information points; and an engaging range of entertainment for children
  • enhanced advertising opportunities: using a range of technology including LED screens, digital billboards and totems - all designed to take shopping centre advertising to the next level and facilitate a corresponding increase in income 

Increasing shopping centre income through new technology

Providing the wow factor is a planned indoor cube screen, completely unique in Moscow due to its epic size (2,50 metres x 5,50 metres and able to be seen from up to 50m away). The cube screen is to be hung from the ceiling in the atrium and generates additional income for the shopping centre by hosting both in-line retail advertising and external advertising.  The ability of the cube to display several advertising campaigns simultaneously, without taking floor space, enables both optimising of space to the highest degree and maximum income generation.

Modern, newly designed totems and digital billboards placed at various areas around the shopping centre also provide additional advertising opportunities - Shopworks' sales matrix identified those areas where a premium could be charged for use of those advertising mediums, such as near an entrance or exit or anchor store.

Engaging the whole family: kids' entertainment

The Kids' Zone, presently in development, is to be located on the third floor of the shopping centre and will enhance the overall shopping experience for the whole family. Within the Zone, a kids' play area provides the space and equipment for children to play safely, explore, have fun and interact with brands, while an area specifically for children's brands has been allocated, allowing parents to shop quickly and easily within the vicinity. The addition of a ‘Magic Tunnel', a digital, animation-led experience for children of all ages, provides a new dimension in kids' entertainment - upon entering the Magic Tunnel, children feel as if they have stepped into another world!  The content can be changed seasonally to link in with events and occasions, such as Christmas or the arrival of summer.

Work with Metropolis continues...

You can read more here about Shopworks approach to shopping centre optimisation.

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