“Know How” by Beeline and Ion, integrating consumer electronics products and telecom services

The challenge: create a compelling retail environment bringing together consumer electronics devices and mobile telecom services

As part of the move by well know Russian consumer electronics retailer Ion to rebrand as "Know How" in partnership with Russia's largest mobile operator Beeline, Shopworks was tasked to deliver the physical experience of the new brand by creating the ideal store environment and retail layout.

The result

Shopworks delivered a multi-functional store environment, optimised not only to encourage product sales and interaction but also to promote a wide range of content as well as mobile telecom and data services.

Consumer electronics retail store design

Reflecting our collaborative approach, we worked in close partnership with both Ion's internal team and their branding agency to design the new retail concept.

The integration of products and services through every retail touch point is central to the "Know How" retail proposition. Consequently, we ensured every store element enabled both physical product demonstration and clear communication of the associated mobile services offers and options available to consumers.

To facilitate in-store navigation and immediate communication of the total retail offer, we created a number of distinct zones:

  • Digital home television
  • Internet
  • GSM & mobile internet
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

In addition, a feature area was implemented with the aim of bringing together the full offer from Beeline and present it in a way which promoted consumer engagement for the "Know How" shopper.

The store interior, as a physical representation of the brand reflects its bright colours. An additional brand cue can be found in the design of product display modules, where the cube design echoes the pixel element of the brand logo.

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