Swarovski global shopper research

Shopworks was appointed by Swarovski to support the development of their new retail store concept, by providing detailed research insight into shopper's response to a revolutionary new store design.

The research programme, spanning a period of 2 years formed an integral part of the design development process, starting with the evaluation of three prototype stores in London, Boston and Hong Kong.

The programme was conducted in stores both before and after implementation of the new design, enabling us to establish benchmarks so as to compare and contrast customer response.

Our approach for this research was based on using a range of data sources and research methodologies, then cross referencing data points to ensure a complete and objective assessment of shopper response. These included:


  • Traffic flow analysis - assessing the effectiveness of store layouts and verifying "actual" shopper behaviour
  • Window assessment - quantifying store front attractiveness and potential to convert customers to entry
  • Accompanied shopping - depth interviews to provide a detailed understanding of shopper response to the retail environment
  • Exit interviews - to quantify changes in shopper profile, perception and shopping missions


Whilst the initial shopper research revealed a generally positive response to the design, it also revealed that certain key factors needed to be addressed to ensure the new stores delivered on all three areas of brand experience, ease of shopping and sales performance.

Notably, ensuring immediate brand recognition, reflecting core brand values and improving product stand out were identified as potential weaknesses, based on shopper insights and observed shopper behaviour.

Applying insights from this first wave of research, the Swarovski retail team implemented our recommendations in a second iteration of the new store design. Shopworks then conducted further research to verify shopper response to the design revisions in a broader number of markets, including Kyoto, Paris, Geneva, Chicago and London.

This project constitutes, in our view, an excellent example of how shopper insights can be used to guide and refine the design process to achieve a truly world class store environment.

Swarovski testimonial

"We were convinced by Shopworks sophisticated combination of insights methodologies and their broad experiences. And I can tell you: at the end we had plenty of actionable recommendations which indeed have proven to be really successful after having been implemented"

Dr. Alexander Linder, Director Corporate Consumer & Market Insights, Swarovski AG

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