Enter: multichannel retail design

Enter: Russia's first multichannel retailer

With customers who shop across a number of channels spending four times as much as single channel shoppers, multichannel retailing is big business.  Recognising the potential for a new retail experience in Russia, Russian entrepreneur, Maxim Nogotkov, owner of Russia's second biggest mobile phone retailer, Svyaznoy, approached Shopworks to help establish a brand new ‘household goods' retailing business.  The new retail concept, named Enter, would be Russia's first ever multichannel retail offering.

Multichannel retail comes to life

Shopworks worked with Enter in four key areas:

  • Research and consultancy
  • Concept creation
  • Retail store design
  • Product range and category management strategies

The new multichannel retail format comprises three sales channels: ‘bricks and mortar' stores, an e-commerce website and a comprehensive catalogue of products.  The format allows Enter to maximise the convenience and price benefits of online retailing, provide the experiential elements best met by in-store retailing and offer the flexibility and choice available through catalogue shopping. 

Product range spans the full offering in terms of household and lifestyle goods including furniture, electricals, electronics, kitchenware, jewellery, personal care products and toys; Enter's multichannel retail format makes available an impressive 20,000 products for immediate purchase. 

As a brand new concept in Russia, it was essential that the service responded to local market needs and provided a truly integrated customer experience that customers could feel confident in.  With the majority of Russian customers living in apartment blocks, working during the day and unconvinced of the convenience of home delivery, the introduction of a ‘click and collect' service (another new concept in Russian retail) was an important element of the multichannel experience.  By providing customers with the opportunity to shop online yet collect in-store, Enter has both generated trust in its e-commerce offering and increased footfall to its stores - a financially shrewd move.  

Multichannel retail: in-store design innovations

Our focus in creating a retail store design was to instil confidence in Russia's new multichannel retailer as well as to provide an excellent showcase for the brand's products.

The new store design is open and bright, welcoming and interactive.  We took the decision to use plywood and paint finished wood (uncommon in Russian retail) to create a modern, welcoming feel and to convey the message, ‘we're different'.  Low level floor units provide a sense of space and enable a clear view across store, while contrasting flooring cleverly guides the customer on his journey through store.

In keeping with the store design, we also used paint finished wood to create the retail terminals - a very different material from the usual cold looking metals used to create retail terminals in Russia.  The terminals, designed both for the purpose of ordering products and for transacting, are permanent constructions rather than the usual ‘pop up'.  Their warm, integrated appearance allows the store to provide an optimum number of retail terminals that blend easily into the store.

Among the many in-store design features, one of the most popular with customers is the interactive touch screen, embedded into a low level coffee table and located in the furniture department.  The touch screen uses a content-rich software application to enable 360 degree viewing of Enter furniture and allow customers to lay out the furniture virtually in their own ‘home'.  It's a big hit with shoppers who value the virtual ‘try before you buy' opportunity.

Overall, the appearance is of a well stocked, quality retail outlet providing everything for the home in one place.  One of the biggest challenges was to ensure a full display of product categories and assortment without giving the appearance of an overcrowded store.  By using a combination of product display, graphics and images the store is able to demonstrate the full category range available across the three sales channels and to promote the benefits of multichannel retailing to the consumer.

Multichannel retailing in Russia: the results

The new concept allows Russian customers, for the first time, to experience the benefits of multichannel retailing.  The retail concept has been so well received that the brand is due to roll out a further 20 stores across Russia.

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