New mobile telecom retail store concept for Azerbaijan

The Nar store opening sees the manifestation of a new brand identity for the mobile telecom service provider, developed by global brand consultancy Landor and a communications strategy conducted by Y&R that sees the brand ethos as “connecting people to people and people to the world. Being generous, full of life and inspiring”.

Bringing the brand to life in store

The Shopworks London team has brought the spirit of Nar to life in an innovative retail environment. Taking inspiration from the warmth and honesty of nature, Shopworks creates a ‘space for happy conversation’ and a shared sense of joy for life by featuring natural materials, carefully curated lighting, fresh colours and bespoke tactile forms. It's a retail space designed for a collaborative and sensory experience, encouraging interaction with the latest products.

Retail theatre and interaction

The theatre begins at the front of the store where motion sensor windows detect passers-by, striking up a dialogue and inviting them in to explore the Nar conversation further. Once inside, a zoned area invites you to relax in comfort whilst discovering what’s on offer for the home environment.  A giant selfie wall encourages people to choose their background and upload to social media, opening up the Nar conversation further. 

"To stay true to the Nar brand values, we wanted to convey a shared sense of community and encourage conversation within a relaxed yet extremely forward thinking store." Said Craig Phillipson Managing Director of Shopworks.

Retail design materials and finishes

Carefully constructed merchandising walls are angled towards eye level with products standing proud, reaching out to engage with customers.  Warm tones of American walnut wood mix with a stripped back polished concrete floor and Corian tabletops, the materials portraying a sense of warmth and 'honesty' throughout the store.  'Finished' plaster walls continue to reflect the overall honest feel, whilst large wave sculptures suspended from the 'raw' ceiling softens up the space, diffusing light and appearing to float like clouds. All these store design elements combine to create a warm, innovative and de-cluttered retail space, punctuated with vibrant colours and high quality natural materials and finishes.

A retail space for conversation

White arches are a prominent feature in the windows, below which an intimate space around a small table encourages people inside the store to meet the experts and explore the product offering. The sensor windows display this imagined conversation on speech bubbles, creating intrigue for passers by and emphasising the Nar characteristics.

Product experience zone

Mid floor 'interactive' units are tiered and overlap. The staggered, connecting podiums appear as if in “a shared conversation” with each other. Featured live handsets atop the podiums reach out on stems, inviting customers to play and explore.

Service and transaction zone

Given the transactions process for mobile phones and tariffs can take some time, the queuing system has been softened by the introduction of a luxury flowing wave shaped sofa. The layout of this bespoke seating has been designed to encourage people to engage in conversation with each other, whilst accessory units host products on a concertina rail, subtly reaching out to inspire seated customers. The striking American walnut rear wall picks up on the wave shape, which also features in the home zone at the opposite end of the store, creating a sense of fluidity.

The result

The store's seamless integration of approachability and innovation has not been seen before in Azerbaijan and Nar's new approach certainly sets it apart from the competition. It's bright, optimistic and a welcoming place to come, share in conversation and be inspired.  And it's a million miles away from the cold lines and materials normally associated with other high-tech retail stores of this type.

The Baku Nar flagship store at 150 sq metres is the first to carry the newly branded retail store concept. A rapid rollout of further stores across the Nar retail estate of 14 Nar Sales and Service Centres, 40 Exclusive Dealers as well as a range of smaller formats such as co-branded stores and retail kiosks will take place in Azerbaijan over the coming year.


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