New store concept designed by Shopworks for famous Chinese snack food brand Lyfen


Shopworks began working with Lyfen - which has 2,500 sites throughout China - to create the next generation store concept that would capture the 16-year old retailers brand values of 'fresh, delicious and healthy' and attract a new identified younger demographic, without alienating its existing loyal customers. This new generation of affluent Chinese shopper has tasted what a good International retail store looks like and now expect a more engaging, premium and immersive in-store experience.

Lyfen's natural produce consists of roasted seeds and nuts, bean products, dried vegetables, meats and fruits, pastries, seafood and imported snacks.  For this newly created store, a cafe and refreshment area with its own distinct look and feel, along with an online-to-offline area -increasingly popular in Chinese stores - has been introduced into the latest concept.

Creating an immersive retail environment

Shopworks set out to create an immersive environment, where products are featured in fresh, savoury and sweet zones. Strategically placed overhead lighting, their shapes reflecting the ceramic tiled flooring with patterns influenced by nutritional nuts, feature at carefully thought-out angles, highlighting the zones and allowing fluid and easy navigation for customers. All furniture and merchandising units are made of natural looking materials, reflecting the honest values of the Lyfen offer.  They (the units) are designed to be modular and flexible, allowing staff to operate easily and seamlessly throughout the day. 

A central feature of vertical clear cylinders encourages interaction from the younger customer by triggering the dispensing of sweet products.  A unique wall installation of sawn off wood cuts from different trees of varying ages, respectfully represents the spread of generations of the Lyfen customer.   Large fruit and nut shapes are backlit to highlight the natural produce on offer and add to the pace and intrigue of the store.

Store design for a new generation of shopper

Lyfen brand centre manager, Linda Gu commented on appointing Shopworks; “We wanted to ready the Lyfen brand for a new generation of shopper and were looking for an international retail design specialist to help us create a new store concept that would appeal to this new customer.  Shopworks impressed us with their considerable international experience and their understanding of our own cultural heritage, which they have subtly thread into the retail space.  We are delighted with how the new store looks and in the first two weeks since opening, we have seen an impressive sales uplift.  We will continue to monitor performance and, whilst too early to say at this stage, we will soon be better placed to decide on our roll-out plans." 

Read the full article in A1 Retail Magazine (p.64)

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