Office Anatomy: a new approach to office design


Office Anatomy: a new approach to office design

Shopworks is pleased to announce the launch of its new office design and refurbishment consultancy, Office Anatomy, established as a joint venture with osteopath and lecturer in workplace ergonomics, Tim Hanwell.

The new venture combines Shopworks' extensive experience in design and space optimisation with Tim Hanwell's expertise in workplace safety and human anatomy.  And it is this combined approach to office design that sets Office Anatomy apart from its competitors. 

Office Anatomy creates office environments purposely designed to maximise the potential of available space for improved efficiency and productivity, but with the wellbeing of staff central to the whole concept. 

Services range from an initial ‘use of space' assessment, DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment and workstation assessment, through to space planning, design, refurbishment and ongoing health and safety monitoring.  Everything, in fact, to provide the assurance you need that your office environment is the best it can be - fully functional, purposefully designed...and a safe and healthy workplace for your staff.

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Office Anatomy: putting the health of staff at the heart of your business