Changing shopper trends mean new shopfitting skills needed


Store integration with online shopping channels means shopfitters need new skills reports Sasa Jankovic in a recent article published in Retail Design World

A well-designed store space substantially increases the amount of time shoppers spend in it, so it’s vital for building sales. But a new report warns retailers must act now to connect consumers’ online and offline experiences, in a bid to prevent the UK high street turning into a row of “brand showrooms”.

The article features Craig, our managing director, as well as one of our recent retail store designs in Moscow: Street Beats

Craig Phillipson, managing director of international retail consultancy and shopfitter Shopworks, believes despite initial fears that online retail spelled the beginning of the end for the physical store, this is far from being the case. “Companies such as Oak Furniture Land and JD Williams, which both originally started as online retailers, have now moved into bricks and mortar, with Oak Furniture Land now achieving 65 per cent of business in-store,” he says.

For Phillipson, the key in successfully implementing consumer-facing retail technology is to understand how technology can enhance the shopper’s in-store journey by “responding to a real need as opposed to just providing technology for technology sake”.

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