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Shopworks' international retail consultancy and retail store design expertise means that our experts are often invited to contribute articles and presentations to publications around the world. A selection of retail store design articles is shown below.

Why retailers are investing in experiential stores

Craig Phillipson18.11.16
Experiential retail ranges from virtual reality to store layout and pop-up shops in cafés, but retailers who are truly getting it right are the ones able to blend the act of shopping with the art of experience. Retail Week examines which retailers are increasingly investing in experiential stores to provide shoppers with unforgettable experiences which keep them coming back to the high street.

Virtual Reality: The next step in retail design

Ross Wakefield01.09.16
Virtual reality is a powerful aid in the design process to create more refined and creative store experiences finds Retail Focus. In this feature article Ross Wakefield, Head of Design at Shopworks, explains how virtual reality is designed into schemes that Shopworks produce and looks at it’s exciting applications for the retail sector.

Winning in retail: how category management helps customers and retailers enjoy a smoother journey

Craig Phillipson12.08.16
What is category management? Why is it important for retailers? Craig Phillipson, Shopworks MD, explains why retailers are losing sales by not practicing category management strategically or with defined processes.

Why London and Retail Design Expo are so important on a global stage

Craig Phillipson29.03.16
The UK retail sectors’ innovative culture in areas such as e-commerce and self-service is reshaping shopping experiences across the world and has put London at the vanguard of multi-channel shopping explains Shopworks MD Craig Phillipson.

A day in the life of Shopworks Managing Director Craig Phillipson

Craig Phillipson23.03.16
Shopworks MD and founding partner Craig Phillipson gives the inside scoop on his typical working day: “I tend to meet with customers to ensure things are on track and that the client is happy. It's also an opportunity for me to understand any challenges those clients are facing within their own business and the wider sector they operate in. This all feeds in to having a deeper understanding of the retail industry.”

Shopper experience: Giving customers an engaging in store experience

Craig Phillipson04.09.15
Technology has become central to today's shopper experience but retailer's still need to understand the role of the store in today's multi-channel shopping arena and give consumers a new and exciting in-store experience to build brand engagement and boost customer loyalty.

Going global: retail design for an international market

Craig Phillipson23.07.15
If you're going to expand overseas, do your homework, understand the culture and make sure you're not unwittingly offending local customers says Craig Phillipson, managing director and founder of Shopworks.

The retail store of the future: creating a destination experience

Hugues Audouard09.10.14
In this article, we examine the four main routes taken by retailers in developing a destination store experience - inspiration and innovation, socialising opportunities, educational experience and leisure...

Multichannel retail stores: increasing convenience through innovation

Hugues Audouard24.09.14
With the massive power of the Internet and new retail formats, strategies and opportunities emerging, store retailers need to focus on keeping abreast of the changes and staying ahead of the game. Improving the convenience element of in-store shopping must form the basis of any retail development strategy.

Multichannel retail: collection and return practicalities of Click and Collect

Hugues Audouard24.09.14
The rise of click and collect at retail leaves retailers with a significant challenge in deciding how to best cater for large volumes of in store collections and returns.

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