Galeria: shopping centre optimisation for a digital age

"We aim to be the second most visited destination after the Hermitage"

A bold aim indeed for Galeria shopping centre, the largest shopping mall in the city of St Petersburg, Russia. But with their mind fully set on their goal, Galeria instructed Shopworks to redefine and optimise the common areas of their shopping centre, with a view to increasing customer footfall and generating several million dollars' worth of untapped income.

Shopping centre optimisation: leveraging digital technology

With optimisation of shopping centre common areas often viewed as of secondary importance to the optimisation needs of the retail environment, we reviewed Galeria's existing use of communal space and identified 4 key areas for development which could potentially lead to major increases in income:

  • Promotions 36% sales uplift forecast
  • Kiosks 57% sales uplift forecast
  • Advertising 100% sales uplift forecast

New digital technology, including external and internal LED screens, walkway screens, interactive digital totems for mapping/wayfinding and digital billboards, form a significant part of the shopping centre optimisation plans and offer exciting and innovative advertising opportunities which are expected to be hugely rewarding for both Galeria and its retailers. As an example, we are currently installing an external LED screen which is a huge 53 m² in size - a momentous advertising opportunity with potential for huge exposure to target customers.

Shopping centre plans, layout and design

Having completed the benchmarking stage and finalised the shopping centre plans and layout (see diagram below), our focus is now on design and implementation.

The new shopping centre plans and layout (one each for physical and digital products) provide the groundwork for the design and implementation stage and ensure that all new products and installations work together perfectly with their surroundings. For example our UK-based designer, Ross, produced a concept design for a large LED sculpture which spiralled from the ground floor car park entrance to the top of the atrium. The sculpture, intended as a dynamic advertising space, is also a work of art in its own right, enhancing its surroundings and creating a focal point within the shopping centre.

In addition and with improved customer engagement central to shopping centre optimisation, our Portugal-based designer, Fernando, has created some beautifully designed ‘experience enhancers' to better connect with customers, such as seating areas, information points, ATM shelters and RMUs - all wonderfully eye-catching yet functional and profitable. 

You can read more here about Shopworks approach to shopping centre optimisation.

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