Pandora shop fitting

The gold standard in shop fitting

Having worked on more than 50 of their stores worldwide (including the UK, USA and Australia), Shopworks was again selected by jewellery retailer and manufacturer, Pandora, to fit out their new store at the One New Change shopping centre in the City of London.

From beginning to end, the shop fit took just 3 weeks to ensure that Pandora could be selling their fabulous range of gold and silver jewellery, watches, beads and charms as soon as possible.

Our shop fitting work included:

  • Levelling of existing flooring and laying of new ceramic floor tile
  • Installation of floor and wall units
  • Construction of new partition walls
  • Lowering of the ceiling
  • Construction of a feature wall
  • Electricals upgrade and new light fittings
  • Emergency lighting, fire alarm and sprinkler alterations
  • Application of wall coverings

Project management

Good shop fitting requires structured planning and fantastically well organised scheduling.  Our project manager, Victoria (the planning and scheduling queen!), worked alongside our team of specialist shop fitters to deliver the work on time and under budget.  As well as the actual shop fit out, work included liaising with manufacturers, co-ordinating with the shopping centre's own contractors, quality control, working within Building Control and Section 20 regulations, and managing the planning approval process.

Shop fitting: overcoming hurdles

The very nature of shop fitting means there are often unpredictable challenges!

Our first challenge related to the pre-opening signage for the shop window.  The shopping centre requirements meant that we were unable to apply the vinyl graphics directly to the glazing or put up any external hoarding.  We therefore built a freestanding wooden frame to sit within the frame of the window itself.  Due to time constraints, our shop fitters produced the frame in double quick time - overnight!

Perhaps the biggest challenge of this shop fitting project was the feature wall, or what we affectionately nicknamed the ‘Crinkly Wall'.  The Crinkly Wall is a series of vertical, pyramid type shapes that jut out from the wall and house several smaller display units.

The work involved producing a studwork carcass, finished with plasterboard, which was then taped, jointed and rubbed down to give each shape a sharply defined edge.

Finally (and they say things always come in threes), our third challenge related to a cupboard which arrived from the manufacturers 50 milimetres shorter than it should have been.  Our shop fitters set to work to create an in-fill that would be functional but that looked stylish too.  They did such a good job, it looks like it was always meant to be that way!

Looking good!

Shop fitting success relies on a good understanding of the client's individual requirements.  We worked closely with Melissa Ray and her retail delivery team at Pandora to ensure the final fit out met their requirements exactly - and the results are stunning !

Pandora testimonial

"Thank you and your AMAZING onsite team on our latest store at One New Change. It really does look quite beautiful."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and support, working with Shopworks this year has been an absolute pleasure."

Melissa Ray, Retail Development Manager, Pandora Jewellery UK

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