Sky kiosk design case study

Sky appointed Shopworks to create stand-alone Point of Sale kiosks which would be a 3-dimensional representation of Sky's 2-dimensional brand language.

Design brief

The kiosks were required to fulfil a number of functions:  to communicate the Sky brand; to raise awareness of and interest in Sky offers and services; to demonstrate the beauty of High Definition TV and other Sky products; to display leaflets and brochures; and to act as a communication and transaction point between Sky sales staff and customers.

Working on the basis that ‘the content is colour', Shopworks created a clean, frameless cube design measuring 1100mmx1100mmx1100mm with a pole sign varying between 2000mm to 2600mm in height .  Materials such as glass, mirror polished stainless steel, moulded and flame polished resin and white corian were used to ensure the beauty and quality of the colour within would shine through.

Design innovations

To achieve this minimalist look a variety of innovative ideas and techniques were employed.  Slimline, frameless light boxes were used to illuminate each side of the cube from behind without the need for a heavy and prominent frame, and the hinging mechanism was specially designed for the project by a Formula 1 racing team to be inconspicuous yet strong enough to support heavy glass.  The glass itself was UV bonded to leave no visible signs of fastening while colourless, flame polished moulded resin was used to form the 3D signage, maintaining the Sky brand and complementing the 3D structure.

The cubes encapsulate the true essence of the Sky brand and are a complete entertainment experience in one Point of Sale stand.  They provide a large surface area for messaging, enabling images and products to be displayed, changed and updated, while lenticular panels on the doors and HD screens add movement to attract the eye. 

The design itself is beautiful, striking and elegant.  It draws the customer into the world of Sky, allowing the content within to be appreciated as art.

Customer feedback

Since the cubes have been introduced Sky has received excellent feedback from both customers and staff.  Staff have found the sales process much easier as people are naturally drawn to the cubes, while customers appreciate being able to view live demonstrations of HDTV. 

The cubes have also increased customer interest, prompting more questions both in relation to Sky products and services as well as to the way in which the cube itself actually functions.

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