fresh new wine & alcohol retail store concept for Finist in Russia

Finist, meaning Falcon in Russian, was previously a warehouse style wine and spirits retail propositon. This new premium format maintains the focus on alcohol whilst offering customers the chance to buy a selection of snacks such as; cheese, breads and olives.  The intention behind the new Finist store design is to help people choose their drinks according to occasion and budget.

The challenge

The store has been deliberately designed to to be a premium experience but at the same time friendly and open so as not to intimidate those who aren't so knowledgeable about wine and spirits. The whole idea behind Finist is to help educate everyone about what drinks are appropriate for their needs.  We worked hard to understand how a typical customer thinks when trying to make such complicated shopping choices and armed with this knowledge, we created a reatil store that is easy to navigate, with each category zoned by its characteristics and everything clearly signposted. We've made it easier for the customer to feel confident about their purchases.

Our retail design team was engaged in August 2014 to first create a concept of the store and then design the new retail brand for Finist.  Here we played with the letter 'F', which in Russian looks like a glass, transforming the brand logo to link directly back to the business. 

Finist retail store design by Shopworks

Using colours to create the retail experience

In order to achieve the right balance between a premium feel and an inviting retail environment, we created a colour palette of bright green to mix with the warmer shades of chocolate and natural wood used throughout the store on graphics, fixed furniture and the bespoke designed merchandising units. It's a deliberate move away from the darker burgundy and red hues traditionally used by wine and spirit merchants.

Bold graphics, navigation signage, packaging, POS and merchandising units as well as business cards, marketing collateral and staff uniforms were all designed by Shopworks.

Yulia, our managing director in Moscow commented: "This was a truly 'start to finish' project and the client was completely happy with our design proposal from the very beginning. Nothing was changed.  I love the details, like the leather handle straps for the premium wine bottles, the entrance arch made from wooden crates showcasing famous drinks brands, the quality of the merchandising furniture and the bold graphics."  

The store is sized at 150 sq m.  Finist intends to roll out the concept to further locations across Russia in the near future.

"Our aim with our new Finist store was to create an environment where people can feel comfortable and inspired. Shopworks has given us is a great intuitive and contemporary design that captures what Finist stands for and we're sure our customers will be delighted.” Evgeny Sokolov, owner, Finist

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