shopping centre optimisation

We believe an opportunity exists to significantly increase the income shopping centres derive from their common areas.

Leveraging our international experience in shopper research, category management and retail design, we have developed a comprehensive process to help shopping centres maximise this income opportunity.

The opportunity

Having first-hand experience in managing commercialisation income streams, we have identified a number of areas which can have a significant impact on both shopper experience and shopping centre income. These include:

  • Optimising space and layout
  • Resourcing effectively
  • Creating bold designs
  • Achieving a balanced mix of solutions
  • Working with retailers

Shopping centre optimisation model

Our process examines all elements of the shopping centre experience to maximise revenue. We adopt a rigorous, yet flexible approach, which enables us to provide robust solutions whilst adapting to our customers budget requirements.

Our shopping centre optimisation model includes the following steps:


By understanding what shoppers want, what they do, and how they feel we identify the opportunities to optimise your shopping centre layout and design strategy


By delivering an understanding of the competitive landscape, locally and internationally, we provide the inspiration to help you create a "best in class" environment

Define products & services

By defining innovative products and services we help you enhance customer experience and maximise commercial income

Plan layout

By assessing existing space we help you implement each solution in the right location to optimise available space and customer flow

Financial quantification

By using our financial model you will be able to determine the best economic scenario for each product and its location, as well as define financing options


Following your layout and financial planning strategy we create bold designs which provide effective customer engagement


We manufacture bespoke solutions, source off the-shelf furniture, manage fit out and implementation using our integrated project management process for on time, in full and on budget delivery


Ongoing analysis, insight and improvement to optimise long term financial return


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