Galp Energia forecourt retailing

Forecourt retailing, the challenge: to increase forecourt store sales

As the largest petroleum company in Portugal, Galp Energia wanted to match the success of its fuel sales with an equally profitable forecourt retail store.

With the majority of its customers using the petrol station for refuelling, Galp Energia wanted to change customer perception of forecourt retailing and promote its Tangerina forecourt store as a retail hub for motorists.

The results: 11% increase in forecourt retail sales

To change customer perception and use of the petrol station forecourt store, 3 key actions were instigated:

  • Revised product and service offering, based on customer research, to increase footfall, encourage impulse purchases and promote extended stay in store
  • Traffic flow strategies to maximise exposure to products and support the customer on his/her journey through store
  • New forecourt store design and layout to enhance the relationship with customers, encourage browsing and change the perception of forecourt retailing

The results were immediate.  Upon re-opening, the new forecourt store generated an 11% increase in retail sales per litre of fuel.

How we did it: boosting petrol station forecourt sales

Galp forecourt stores were historically positioned as general convenience stores - primarily selling a range of grocery basics to meet home needs and functional in appearance.

We turned this image on its head and created instead a calm, welcoming and contemporary retail space specifically designed around the needs of the motorist.

The new look forecourt store design combines warm yet bright tones of orange and green to create a fresh and welcoming environment.  The store layout is open and spacious, making use of low level gondolas to give the motorist a clear view of every area of the store, while a 360° pathway through store provides maximum exposure to products and enables ‘traffic' to remain free flowing.

The product range is now almost completely focused on the needs of the motorist.  While a small selection of general groceries remain (including large bags of cat food - the Portuguese like their cats!), the majority of products are intended as impulse buys for the motorist such as snacks, drinks, DVDs, motoring accessories, best-selling books and magazines.

In terms of services to the motorist, the newly created café area offers a selection of hot and cold food and drink, including pizzas, pastries and salads, which motorists can enjoy either sitting at a table if they want to relax or standing at the snack bar if they are short on time.  The style is sleek and modern yet laid back, encouraging customers to feel comfortable and at home in the store.

The toilets too have been completely overhauled.  Previously situated outside, they were frequently left in a mess by users and were difficult to monitor.  The new toilets, now located inside the forecourt store, are bright and stylish and offer a valuable service to motorists, with the added benefit of drawing passengers inside the store.  As an extended service to motorists, an external entry ensures the toilets are still accessible from outside during store closing hours.

The improved store design and layout, together with a shift in the product and service offering, changes forecourt retailing from an 'add on' provision to a valuable service in its own right.  Galp Energia's forecourt store is used in an entirely new way, strengthening the relationship between the company and its customers and boosting retail sales as a result.

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