Street Beat urban fashion retail design

Urban cool meets city chic in an innovative new urban footwear retail store situated in the heart of Moscow. The new store, Street Beat, is the first multi-branded sports footwear store in Russia.

Street Beat is a new brand from Inventive Retail Group the retailing giant that manages Apple, Nike and Samsung stores across Russia.  

Products are carefully chosen to reflect the Street Beat brand identity: the spirit of city life; its energy and urban culture.

Shopworks was very pleased to be appointed to design and develop the 3D expression of the new brand in store. 

The retail design challenge: bringing the city in store

Our retail design takes cues from city life, mixing urban materials with warmer tones and textures and features a bright colour palette, bold graphics and high-end technology throughout. The retail space offers the customer a rich, immersive and sensory experience in a bright, fun and striking environment, full of energy and movement.

Merchandising throughout the store is intentionally very different from the norm. There is no sign of the usual ‘top to bottom’ racking. Instead, low-level geometric shelving, representative of the lines and angles of the city, create impact, while angular floor plinths give the impression of movement. And the ‘city bench’ inspired units are a real talking point. Every pair of sneakers is easy to see, easy to reach and easy to imagine on the street.

To add further interest and to draw customers through the store, we installed a bright, angular map on the wall behind the counter. Reflecting both street and tube maps, this piece of art works in partnership with the nearby underground-themed changing rooms, which even include metal, metro-inspired grab rails!

In a move away from traditional graphics-based way-finding, communication statements are etched into displays or created through 3-D letter blocks. And to complete the city atmosphere, Shopworks worked with a DJ to create a music playlist which reflects urban culture and city life.

Street Beat urban fashion footwear retail store design by Shopworks

Interactive retail technology

Drawing customers to the store is easy through our combined use of giant graphics and a kinetic, moving product display, which together incorporate all the key principles of effective window display. We have seen passers-by stop and look, mouths wide open!

Once inside the store, customers can use interactive retail technology to help select their shoes. We created a multiple-choice computer game which is able to suggest various sneakers to a customer based on his or her choice of favourite city, favourite food, favourite colour, favourite music or favourite movie. The results are based on logic while firmly incorporating a sense of fun. It is particularly pertinent to today’s generation of shoppers who have grown up with electronic games and enjoy this type of interactive experience. 

Or for those customers who prefer to ‘go it alone’, the iPad product selector, located within the merchandising displays, enables them to browse the complete range online.

Street Beat retail store design touch screen technology

Meeting client objectives

Our designers and procurement manager worked closely together, from inception, to create a design that could be implemented exactly as intended. Colours, materials and furnishings all perfectly match the design intent.

The result is a store which fully meets client expectations, both in terms of appearance and financial considerations. It looks stunning, with no visual indication of cost engineering – like a flagship store!

Following the succesfull launch of the first store, two more stores are being rolled out during 2014 with a total of 50 planned within the next three years.

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